Crispy Eggs over Sausage & Ciabatta Stuffing

Throw an egg on top, right? Yes, and start with Thanksgiving leftovers. I created Crispy Eggs over Ciabatta & Sausage Stuffing for Michael,  it did the trick after he rode 60 miles on his bicycle yesterday in cold rainy conditions at the Gravel Grovel. This recipe takes five minutes and is so simple, make it for an easy weekday breakfast or dinner.

I really love this cooking technique, it breaks a few culinary rules. I was taught to cook eggs without any trace of color. French golden rule: No color. Go ahead and break the rules here, get all midwestern, and crank up the flavor profile. The eggs stand up to the hearty texture and herby flavor of the stuffing with soft runny yolks and golden crispy edges.

Start with a puddle of olive oil in a nonstick pan and turn the heat to medium high, add the egg and watch the egg white bubble up around the yolk. Cook until the edges of the egg white are crispy and golden and the yolk is still runny. Flip it over for a quick second or two if you like the yolk cooked a bit more. Slide the puffy eggs over warm stuffing and add a pinch of peperoncino or a dash of hot sauce. Enjoy!