Classic Sunday Breakfast

Making breakfast for my family happens about once a week. So hey, let’s make it special and keep it simple. This morning, I whipped up a classic full of good fats, bad fats and locally sourced superstars. Just look at the color of those yolks! Thanks Moon Valley Farm.

Bacon, we all love it. Thick cut Applewood smoked bacon is my favorite, the smokiness pairs nicely with the salty richness of the meat. To make it special, I sprinkle hand cracked black peppercorns over each bacon strip while the fat renders slowly over low heat.

Cooking Tip: start the pan on low and increase the heat slowly. Result: less bacon shrinkage.

To balance the intense flavors of the bacon, I love farm fresh eggs, cooked to order. Mikey likes his sunny side up, I like mine over medium.

I also want a few healthy options, this morning avocado was at the top of my list. Scoop a little salsa on top for an added layer of flavor.

To bring it all together, toast up some fresh bread. Pane bello slices spread halfway with Heartland Family Farm’s Red Raspberry Jam are a wonderful addition to the meal. Low in sugar and high in pectin, this zippy jam has an addictive tartness from the ripe red raspberries, I’m in love.

All the flavors go so well together. Dip the bacon in the red raspberry jam, spread the avocado on the toast and dip everything in the technicolor orange yolks. Happy Sunday!