Beet Love

When I typed the title of this post I spelled Beer Love, ha! It was funny the first time, so I hit backspace and typed Beer Love, again. Third time I got it right, so here we go, let’s talk about beerts, or beets. Shoo!

Beets have a reputation of sorts and chances are you either love them or hate them. I suspect some of the issues people have with beets stem from a perceived complexity. Really, beets are so easy, you just need a little time to prepare them.  If everyone tasted a fresh organic beet, I think this super veg would fly into mainstream foodie consciousness. Beets are cool, okkkkay, pllrrrp.

Method: heat oven to 400 F. Wash the beets and remove the greens and the root (sometimes I leave the root and peel it off after roasting). Save the greens and saute with some olive oil and garlic or add them to a salad. Wrap each beet with aluminum foil, add a drop or two of olive oil, some fresh herbs, and a little kosher salt,  wrap and roast for 45 minutes or so. Or, set them in the hot coals of a campfire and let them roast away. Once you can pierce the beet through with a knife, they are done. Let them cool and then peel and chop. Watch out for the gorgeous color here, and if you stain your heirloom boos cutting board scrub it with a little kosher salt and lemon until the stain is gone.


Prep Ideas:
Add roasted beets to a spinach salad with a little goat cheese and some candied pecans
Pickled beets are ah-mazing. Pour a heavy glug of balsamic or apple cider vinegar over roasted beets and let marinate for 30 minutes or so.
Move over the kale chips and whip up some crunchy beet chips.
Make some beet ice cream…what a gorgeous color it would be

Flavor Love:
beets + chives + orange + tarragon
beets + citrus + goat cheese + olive oil + shallots
beets + dill + sour cream
beets + goat cheese + walnuts
beets + pistachios + gorgonzola cheese + vinegar

When you are roasting vegetables for dinner, throw a beet bunch into the oven and keep them on hand to use all week in salads, sandwiches and snacks. A couple of pickled beets on a cheese and charcuterie board will add the right touch of acid to refresh your palate and balance decadent flavors.