Tonight : Clips Beer & Film Tour in Bryan Park

Step right up to the hottest ticket in town as New Belgium takes over Bryan Park! The Clips Beer & Film Tour is part beer tasting, carnival and film screening, The event starts at 8pm with free admission and a chance to sample 18 “esoteric” brews, buy a 3 oz. sample for $1.25 and 12 oz. beer for $5.00. Once the sun goes down a screening of short films, handmade by New Belgium fans, will be projected onto an inflatable screen. Bloomington is the smallest city on the Clips tour, so come on out, feel the love and drink some handmade beer. All the proceeds from the event will be donated to the Center for Sustainable Living.

New Belgium tasting with Adam at Big Red. Mikey likey the La Folie.

New Belgium tasting with Adam at Big Red. Mikey likey La Folie.

Last night we had a little brew preview at Big Red Liquors with Adam Gonzales, the Indiana New Belgium Beer Representative. Adam led us through a tasting and gave us the scoop on where to find unique New Belgium ales on draught right now, you can find them at The Tap and Crazy Horse. Our tasting began with the Plout Ale. A plout is a hybrid fruit of plum and apricot. This beer pours light golden and has a funky fruit character with just a hint of malt and spice. It’s strange and delicious! Next up was the La Folie, this beer is made of Oscar ale that has aged on french oak for one to three years. Once aged, the beer is combined into one batch at varying proportions and the result is a sour beer that is complex and delicious.


To close National Bike month with an awesome New Belgium event just blocks from my house is cause for celebration. If the rain skips town, we may have a picnic with a few friends beforehand. Don’t forget to ride your bike to the event. Cheers!


Infused Water

Infused water is a super fresh alternative to sugar-laden juices and soda. What a great way to up your H2O intake! Add fresh herbs and citrus to your water bottle and enjoy throughout the day. An Infused Water Bar is a great way to create a memorable experience at your next backyard soiree or reception. Combine fruits, vegetables and herbs with fresh filtered water and enjoy immediately or let sit for a stronger flavor.

My first experience with infused water happily occurred at the Southwestern spa, Ten Thousand Waves. After a dip in the local spring, I enjoyed cucumber water and fell IN LOVE. Since then, I have found some wonderful flavor combinations and I keep track of them on my Pinterest board. I prefer to use clear glass pitchers, enjoying the beauty of the ingredients is half the fun.


Mint & Lemon Water

Mint & Lemon Water

This is a classic combination and for good reason, so refreshing, light and perfect any time. This is a great way to use all that extra mint from the garden!

1 organic lemon, 4 large organic mint sprigs

Fill a glass pitcher with cool, filtered water. Thinly slice lemon into wheels. Gently bruise the mint leaves and place in the pitcher, add lemon wheels. Enjoy over ice, if desired. Refill pitcher with water throughout the day

Basil & Cucumber Water

The herbaceous flavor of the basil leaves is subtle allowing the flavor of the cucumber to shine through.

1/2 organic english cucumber, 5 large organic basil leaves

Fill glass pitcher with cool filtered water. Thinly slice cucumber. Gently bruise basil leaves and place in pitcher, add cucumber slices. Enjoy over ice, if desired. Refill pitcher with water throughout the day.

Here are a few of my other favorite ingredients :

  • Berries (of any kind)
  • Fresh herbs (lavender, rosemary, chocolate mint, lemon verbena)
  • Watermelon
  • Pineapple
  • Edible flowers (nasturtiums are my favorite, a bit peppery)

Come up with your own Infused Water combinations using your favorite flavors! Please share with me in the comments.